Gas industry development project of Russian Far East based on PJSC "YATEC" resources is realized on territories of two regions Sakha Republic and Khabarovsk Krai.
Sakha Republic
and Khabarovsk Krai
Construction of facilities on licensed gas condensate fields Srednevilyuisk, Mastah, Tolon and Tymtaidakh: Drilling of additional wells and construction of gas preparation facilities. Increase of production from 1.7 billion m3 to 25+ billion m3 (1st part) to supply raw materials to LNG plant on the shore of Okhotsk Sea.
Construction of 1300km pipeline with average capacity of 25+ billion m3/year (1st part) from mining facilities to Ayan (Khabarovsk Krai) on the shore of Okhotsk Sea to transport gas to LNG plant. The pipeline will go through Yakutia and Khabarovsk Krai. The pipeline has a perspective to monetize resources of nearest gas deposits of Yakutia.
Magistral pipeline
LNG plants
Construction of LNG refinery with productivity of 18+ million tons (1st part) near Ayan town (Khabarovsk Krai). LNG plant should be positioned on the shores of Okhotsk Sea. This will allow to use the most modern technologies including floating LNG refinery or gravity platform variants along with mini LNG refineries and terminals to satisfy local market.
Construction of 400 km long pipeline from production facilities to Nizhnyi Bestyakh town to transport liquid gas condensate and other liquid gas fractions for their further processing. Pipeline allows to transport raw materials to petrochemical factory, located in Nizhnyi Bestyakh town, 10km east from Yakutsk, on the right bank of Lena river.
Condensate pipeline
In order to process gas condensate and heavy gas fractions a petrochemical complex will be constructed near Nizhnyi Bestyakh town, producing motor fuels and other petrochemical for local market and export.
Gas refinery
The project implies strategic development of gas condensate resources of Sakha Republic with preservation and improvement of natural and social values of Yakutia and Far East.
Узел соединения газопроводов
«Кысыл-Сыр - Амга» и «Амга - Аян»
Общая протяженность 1 300 км
Участок №1 «Кысыл-Сыр - Амга»
Протяженность 440 км
Участок №2 «Амга - Аян»
Протяженность 860 км
Площадной участок №4
Площадь 5 325 км. кв.
Площадной участок №3
Площадь: 196 км. кв.
Протяженность 460 км
The industrial cluster in Yakutia will create new workplaces, improve infrastructure and other industries. The project will increase tax income to the budget.

Construction of the cluster will improve economic relationships between Yakutia and Pacific Rim countries. Construction of sea port and an airport will influence development of far east regions of Russian Federation.

The company will use natural resources safely and effectively according to the laws of Russian Federation.

Systematic approach to quality, maintenance of industrial objects and use of digital technologies will help to minimize risks of emergency situations.
The project will allow Sakha republic to get more geopolitical power by becoming a new member of international relationships on LNG market.

The region will get additional way to Okhotsk Sea, and development of a new Yakutsk-Ayan corridor.

Public image
Large infrastructure projects affect beneficially the region image and the image of the country.

Use of international experience in building LNG refineries could help us to stand along the largest exporters of LNG.

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