Проект по развитию газовой промышленности на Дальнем востоке РФ на основе ресурсной базы ПАО «ЯТЭК» реализуемый на территории двух регионов – Республики Саха и Хабаровского края.
Ecology and occupational safety
Main priority of the development is philosophy of rational use of natural resources and environmental care, in order to decrease ecological risks for current and future generations, create safe occupation environment and protect employees health.
Our obligations
Keeping occupational and health safety of each employee by managing and reducing possible risks, emergency threats, emergency situations, traumatism and sickness rate of personnel. Better healthcare for employees .
Supply special clothes, footwear and personal safety equipment to each employee .
Timely measures to preserve and restore the environment.
Use of modern technologies and engineering solutions to minimize industrial waste and atmosphere emissions.
Production optimization and rational use of natural resources in order to preserve ecological balance.
Use of power saving and ecological technologies. Timely maintenance of equipment and systems during exploitation.
Keeping the dialogue with interested parties about priorities of improving environment, occupational and industrial safety.
Control of following the above obligations from contractors and partners.
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